Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (HUD - VASH)

What is the HUD-VASH Program?

The HUD-VASH program is a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (VASH) program to help homeless veterans and their immediate families find and maintain affordable, safe, and permanent housing in the community. The Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center partners with Local Administrators for each county administering the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8).

The primary goal of HUD-VASH is to help veterans and their families successfully move out of homelessness. The program is designed to improve each veteran’s health and mental health, and to enhance each veteran’s ability to remain stable, housed, and integrated in their local community. This is done using HUD Section 8 “Housing Choice” rental assistance vouchers and VA’s intensive case management services. Veterans who are admitted to the HUD-VASH program are assigned to a VA case manager for assessment and treatment planning. Assistance in obtaining the Section 8 voucher is also provided. Veterans continue to work with their assigned case manager for the duration of their time in the program.


Who is Eligible for HUD-VASH?

The HUD-VASH program is intended for veterans who:

  • are eligible for VA health care services;
  • are chronically homeless, meaning homeless for a year or more or four or more times in the past three years;
  • have a history of medical, mental health, and/or substance abuse problems that are now stabilized;
  • are ready for independent housing in the community but need ongoing case management services to maintain it;
  • have some type of income to pay for their housing;
  • are motivated to improve the quality of their lives by working with a VA case manager and actively participating in treatment for their conditions.

Veterans with a history of sexual offense(s) of any type are not eligible for the program because they will not be able to obtain a Section 8 voucher.

How Are Veterans Admitted to HUD-VASH?

Veterans who are interested in the HUD-VASH program should first contact their local Veterans Affairs Center.

The contact person at the

Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center is

Rose Williamson, LCSW

(631) 261-4400 x7565

A clinician will complete the referral paperwork and send it to the HUD-VASH Admission Team for review. The Admission Team will assess the veteran’s eligibility and need for ongoing case management.

If the veteran is admitted to the program, a case manager will be assigned to begin working with the veteran on a treatment plan and connection to services. The veteran will also be assisted in obtaining a Section 8 housing voucher and in locating appropriate housing in the community.

Once housed, veterans can expect to have regular ongoing home visits from their VA case manager. The purpose of these visits is to help veterans maintain their housing by addressing problems as they occur.

There is no time limit for being in the HUD-VASH program. However, veterans who refuse VA case management may lose their Section 8 voucher from HUD.


For more information, contact Rick Cash

 (516) 572-2779