The ABC's of Claims

A Guide for Nassau County Employees

Dear County Employee:

Welcome to The ABC’s of Claims: A Guide for Nassau County Employees, an instruction manual for county employees on proper procedures for payment of vendor invoices. It is intended to explain the process of payment after the county has selected a vendor and entered into a contractual relationship.

Before you get started, there are a few things you might find helpful to know about the guide:

It is intended to be accessed from the Nassau Comptroller’s Web site. It contains clickable links to forms, etc. that you may find useful. A bound version of the manual will be distributed as well. We will update this Web version periodically. Please note that you may continue to request hard copies of claims forms by contacting the Comptroller’s Office.

This manual assumes that the user has some basic knowledge of the FAMIS and/or ADPICS systems, but may not know the proper procedures for successfully processing a vendor invoice for payment. It contains step-by-step instructions for the different categories of claims, and a Frequently Asked Questions section.

Questions not covered in the on-line FAQ section may be sent to: All efforts will be made to answer inquiries in a timely manner.

I wish to thank my staff in the Comptroller’s Office, as well as staff from several county agencies who cooperated in the production of this manual. With their help and yours, Nassau County will continue in its progress towards becoming the modern and efficient county that its residents deserve.



George Maragos

Nassau County Comptroller