Strategic Plan

Nassau County's assets are some of the most unique resources of anyplace in the world-- beautiful north shore waterfronts, and south shore ocean beaches, tranquil parks, lovely suburban neighborhoods and great people. All of which make Nassau County a great place to live and play. 
Now more than ever, Nassau County is also an ideal place for doing for business. And that's because of our commitment to smart growth. We have a strategic vision that focuses on the following priorities:

Downtowns – Working to revitalize traditional downtowns
Minority/Under-Served Communities -- Integrating resources for sustainable growth 
Brownfields – Redeveloping abandoned and contaminated sites  
Education – Bringing attention to the need for improved public schools

Nassau County sponsors a county-wide Visioning Program to provide support to communities for local improvement projects that spur economic development. The first four communities to receive support through the Nassau County Visioning Program will be Baldwin, Roosevelt, Elmont and Inwood. 

Like never before, Nassau County delivers!