Sampling Site Selection Criteria

One of the goals of this project was to sample "high risk" public supply wells located in areas of known or suspected pesticide contamination in Nassau County (see Figure 1). During 1998-2001, every effort was made to sample supply wells meeting the following criteria:

  1. Public supply wells with previous history of pesticide detections
  2. Public supply wells in proximity to Nassau County Department of Public Works (NCDPW) monitoring wells with detections
  3. Public supply wells screened in shallow aquifers ( i.e.,Upper Glacial)
  4. Public supply wells near railroad tracks and golf courses

In addition to the public supply wells tested in 2001, NCDH also sampled shallow golf course irrigation wells. Appendix C lists the public supply wells (by water system) and Appendix D lists the golf course irrigation wells that were sampled by NCDH during the July 2001-January 2002 round of sampling.