Nitrate Nitrite and Perchlorate

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Nitrate Nitrite and Perchlorate

Prior studies, including the previous pesticide monitoring program, have indicated that agricultural activities often produce elevated nitrate nitrogen concentrations in groundwater. The average nitrate concentration found in the 7 golf course irrigation wells sampled in 2001 was 4.7 mg/L, with a median concentration of 3.5 mg/L. No wells exceeded the nitrate MCL of 10.0 mg/L. The irrigation well at Engineers Country Club had the highest nitrate concentration of 8.0 mg/L (This well also exhibited a metalaxyl concentration of 0.15 ug/L).

Nitrite was not detected in any of the samples and there was 1 ammonia detection of 0.26 mg/L at the Garden City Country Club irrigation well. Table 4 summarizes the Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate concentrations for each golf course well sampled in 2001.

Table 4 - Golf Course Irrigation Wells - Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate

Hempstead C.C.N-7529<0.02<0.026.1
Garden City C.C.N-77990.26<0.023.2
Rockville Links-1N-8881<0.02<0.023.3
Rockville Links-2N-6302<0.02<0.023.3
Cherry Valley C.C.N-6905<0.02<0.025.3
Garden City G.C.N-6502<0.02<0.023.5
Engineers C.C.N-5450<0.02<0.028.0
all results as mg/l

There were no perchlorate detections in the 7 shallow golf course irrigation wells sampled in Nassau County.