Nassau County Executive Internship Program

Portrait of county executive

To apply submit your resume to: Special Projects, County Executive Office Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building 

1550 Franklin Avenue
Mineola, New York 11501-4898
(fax) 516-571-1308
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Program Info

The Nassau County Executive Office Internship Program was created to cultivate Nassau's leaders of tomorrow, prevent the 'brain drain', and tap into the incredible potential of Nassau County's youth. The program, with its dedicated interns, interactive seminars, and carefully cultivated inclusive environment, provides students with a full experience of how their local government works.

One of the essential goals of the program is to provide interns with access to individuals who can impart knowledge gained by real world experience. Through weekly seminars, participants have met with County Legislators, high ranking members of the administration, and even the County Executive

All interns are also assigned to one of the members of the Special Projects Team, who will act as a mentor and confidant. While each intern's specific office will be responsible for their day to day progress, the Special Projects Team will be charged with monitoring the overall performance of an intern.

Internship Description

Students wishing to acquire a variety of volunteer-employment experiences will join a stimulating, fast-paced public servant environment, and learn the many facets of municipal government. Days/hours are flexible.

Nassau County is in a unique position to provide opprotunities to individuals from all different types of fields. Students are placed in departments according to their area of concentration, where they will learn about the field they find most interesting.


Summer 2018

Applications Due By: April 6, 2018
Start Date: June 4, 2018
End Date: August 10, 2018
Requirements: 20 hrs a week and attendance at all seminars

Fall 2018

Applications Due By: September 5, 2018
Start Date: TBA
End Date: TBA
Requirements: 10 hrs a week and attendance at all seminars

Spring 2019 

Applications Due By: TBA
Start Date: TBA
End Date: TBA
Requirements: 10 hrs a week and attendance at all seminar

Qualifications/Special Skills/Area of Study

Our program is limited to residents of Nassau County or students who are attending college in Nassau County. This goes to the very heart of our purpose to keep students who grew up here or who are educated here connected to their community.

Keeping that minor rule in mind all fields and skill sets are welcome. In the past our program has included accounting majors, art majors, political science majors, and many more.

This is an unpaid internship.