Toxic and Hazardous Material Storage Engineering

Toxic & Hazardous Material Storage Engineering

Does the department require that engineering plans be submitted for storage tank or storage area installations?

Plans must be submitted for the installation of heating oil tanks that are 1,100 gallons or greater, chemical and petroleum product storage that is 250 gallons or greater and bulk storage that is at least 2,000 pounds. Plan submission is also required for waste product storage, as specified under the Article XI Ordinance and Regulations.

What items are required in a plan submission?

Application Forms, Fees, SEQR form, Owner's Letter, Engineer's Letter and a set of plans prepared by a New York State Licensed Professional Engineer. Please contact this Department for an application package.

What are the fees for plan review?

A copy of Article XI and the fee schedule maybe obtained by calling the Department at (516) 227-9691.

How far in advance of installation should plans be submitted?

Plans should be submitted as far in advance as possible in order that the plans may be reviewed and any necessary revisions can be made on the plans by the engineer and resubmitted to this Department for final review and approval. A time frame of at least 90 days is recommended.

Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact the Department at 516-227-9672.