Schools and Colleges

Bed Bugs are very good hitchhikers. They can easily travel along with children to school, on their clothing, backbackpacks, purses, books, or other items they may carry. Typically, problems develop in schools when students or staff members inadvertently bring the bed bugs from their homes.

In order to ensure that this does not become a problem, educate your school community about bed bugs. If a potential infestation is spotted, promptly respond to the situation, appropriately.

School Building

Collect the specimen and bring it to a trained professional for a positive identification.
Arrange for a professional inspection of the area by a pest control professional.

  • Determine the source of origin of the infestation (who brought them in to the school), and offer them helpful resources—educational material, suggestions for limiting the personal belongings brought to school, or sealing them appropriately.
  • Have the school nurse, or other trained professional, inspect all items that are brought into the school, to ensure that they are clean of bugs.
  • If an infestation has been determined, an informative letter should be sent home, informing parents of the problem that has arisen in their child’s school.
Bed Bugs can also be a problem in college dorm rooms. Residential college students must treat their first day of school as if they’ve just arrived at a hotel for their vacation. You must inspect the room before you settle in, including the mattress, box spring, drawers, and all cracks and crevices. Make sure to use a flashlight, so that all dark corners are covered. You don’t want to bring any creatures home with you!

Person Belongings

Did you know that applying pesticides without a license is illegal?