Vial of Life

Vial2.5StickerThe Vial of Life Program assists in lifesaving measures when someone is in the home. A Vile of Life sticker on the victim from door will alert First Responders arriving at an emergency of vital information contained on a form located on their refrigerator door. This information can assist medical and emergency personnel during the first critical minutes, “The Golden Hour,” during an emergency. The Vial of Life program is a cooperative effort involving the Nassau County Police Department, the Emergency Ambulance Bureau and local fire departments. This program is presented as a compliment to the Nassau County Yellow Dot Program, which similarly assists during emergencies at the home.

County Executive Mangano stated, “Nassau County offers several free programs to help in time of emergency. From the Yellow Dot Program to the Vial of Life to the W.H.A.L.E. Program, Nassau County is dedicated to protecting the lives of all those who helped build our communities.”

[Take advantage of this important life saving measure! To get a a sticker call 516-571-6000]

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