Museum Row

Museum Row, located in Garden City, is a one-stop destination for some of Long Island's best museums. Here, you'll find the Long Island Children's Museum, the Nassau County Firefighter's Museum, and the Cradle of Aviation Museum. All within a short distance of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and walking distance of each other. The museums of Museum Row are forever growing and changing—with fascinating exhibits and events. Explore it yourself. Or with your family.

Long Island Children's Museum welcomes over 265,000 children annually to enjoy fun and educational experiences. It's no wonder. With all the hands-on exhibits, discovery takes on a whole new meaning.

The Cradle of Aviation Museum chronicles Long Island's long history and major role in aviation and aerospace. From Charles Lindbergh to Neil Armstrong, all the important contributions that Long Island has made are brought to life here. The museum features aircraft used during the early development of flight (including a sister ship of Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis"), as well as aircraft, from World Wars I & II, all the way up through the lunar landing and beyond.

Also located at the Cradle of Aviation Museum is the IMAX theatre. Take in the IMAX Experience® at the Leroy R. & Rose W. Grumman IMAX® Dome, where you'll enjoy a unique experience of motion, sound and sight. Go places you never thought possible without ever leaving your seat.

Nunley's Carousel, first located on the Brooklyn waterfront, and later in Baldwin, Long Island, now has a permanent home on Museum Row. In danger of being auctioned off in pieces, Nassau County stepped in, saved and restored it to its former glory. The carousel's 41 horses and one lion have been delighting visitors since 1912. And now will entertain more for generations to come. Come grab a brass ring for a free ride.

The Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center is a nearly 10,000 square foot interactive facility where you can experience and trace the history of firefighting in Nassau County. Call 911, crawl low in smoke, stop-drop-roll, plan your escape and explore fire trucks from every era. For young kids, "Eddie D", the talking robot Dalmation rides his own miniature fire truck and plays a fire prevention game called "What's Hot and What's Not." It's not just an opportunity to learn how to protect yourself, your family and your property from all the hazards that fires create, it's fun, too.