2020 Calendar

***Note Restrictions***

New Stand Down Event Resrictions Due to COVID-19:  

All veterans and military wishing to attend the Stand Down as a guest in-need of services; may do so by walking-up to the Freeport Armory entrance and securing their place in-line.  Veterans may park their cars in the parking lot and then enter the line.  Veterans in-line must wear a mask and properly social distance.  Upon entering the building, veterans will be given health questionnaire and their body temperature will be taken for safety.  Veterans are recommended to dress warm and be prepared for rain or cold weather.  After veterans receive their supplies they will exit the building to the parking lot and depart the event.   

PLEASE NOTE*** - The Veterans Winter Stand Down this year will be limited in its services.  Due to COVID-19 building capacity issues, the services provided this year will be giveaways only.  Items to be distributed are Winter Jackets, Clothes, Winter Boots, Non-Perishable Foods, Frozen Holiday Turkeys and Free Burger King “To-Go” Meals.

NOTE TO VOLUNTEERS*** - All veterans or personnel wishing to VOLUNTEER at the Stand Down Event, must call the Veterans Service Agency at (516) 572-6565 and register their name with our staff.  All Volunteers must be listed prior to the Stand Down Event.

Thank you for your support!