Communicable Disease Division

Communicable Disease Control (516) 227-9496 This division protects the public from the spread of communicable diseases through the surveillance and investigation of contagious diseases.

Notifiable Diseases List This list is a record of types and numbers of reported diseases for the past 10 years in Nassau County. Ddownload the current Notifiable Disease List (Adobe Reader® required) Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program (516) 227-9419 This program provides case management services for pregnant and parenting women who have hepatitis B infection in order to prevent its spread to their newborn infants.

Tuberculosis (TB) Control Bureau (516) 227-9664 This bureau conducts investigation and case management for all reported cases of tuberculosis and identifies and evaluates contacts to cases of TB. It also provides directly observed therapy (DOT) for all patients receiving medication for TB disease in order to help them complete their full course of treatment.

Tuberculosis Information for Patients (PDF)

Tuberculosis in Nassau County, 2017 Brief (PDF)

Tuberculosis in Nassau County, 2016 Brief (PDF)

Tuberculosis in Nassau County, 2015 Brief (PDF)

Tuberculosis in Nassau County, 2014 Brief (PDF)

Epidemiology of Tuberculosis (PDF)

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