Tax Cap Petition

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano supports Governor Cuomo’s plan to cap property taxes.  The cap would limit property tax increases to 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower.  The cap would also limit the growth of both school taxes and local government taxes which would lead to sizable savings for taxpayers.  Fortunately, County Executive Mangano submitted and the Legislature adopted a County Budget for 2011 that does not increase County property taxes by a single dollar.  As you may be aware, County Executive Mangano does not have jurisdiction over school taxes, he is partnering with Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy to reduce the costs for both local governments and schools.  Together, both County Executives formed the Long Island Intergovernmental Purchasing Council (LIPC) to reduce costs by executing bulk purchases for common goods and services.

County Executive Mangano Needs Your Help!

Please join the County Executive in supporting Governor Cuomo’s property tax cap.
Sign your name on the petition and let your voice be heard!

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