Cutting Wasteful Spending

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"Through reform and hard work, the Legislature and I put Nassau County back on the road to recovery. By cutting $330 million in wasteful spending, we were able to declare war on taxes, not just by preventing them from going up but by fighting to bring them down." - County Executive Edward P. Mangano

At a time when families throughout Nassau County are cutting back it is time for government to do the same. That is why Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano has remained busy identifying and cutting back on excessive government spending


County Executive Mangano has cut nearly $330 million in wasteful spending – the equivalent of a 25 percent property tax increase had these spending cuts not been made. Over the past year, he froze government salaries and forced the County unions to the negotiation table. Since taking office, he has also reduced the County workforce by over 1,000 positions – the workforce is now at the lowest level since the 1950s.

Although the Mangano administration has consolidated numerous departments, eliminated duplicative operations and implemented several successful public-private partnerships.There is still work to be done.

Since his first day in office, the County Executive has continually directed his staff to analyze County departments to find cost saving measures. Mr. Mangano will continue his efforts to right-size government, keeping the best interests of taxpayers in mind.

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