Repealed the Home Energy Tax

"My administration declared war on taxes, not just by preventing them from going up but by fighting to bring them down. That is why I eliminated a 16.5% property tax hike planned by the prior administration and repealed the home energy tax."
    - County Executive Edward P. Mangano

Eliminate Home Energy Tax

County Executive Ed Mangano believes that high taxes kill jobs. That is why he has focused on reducing the size of government, consolidating operations and reining in wasteful spending.

Inheriting the largest deficit in Nassau's history, Mangano developed a budget plan that cut $330 million in wasteful spending, reduced the County workforce to the lowest level since the 1950's, consolidated functions and protected homeowners and employers by eliminating a 16.5 percent property tax increase planned by the prior administration.

Repealed the home energy tax
Freezing Property Taxes
Holding the Line on Taxes