Stories of Hope

My Story of Hope: A Journey Of Unexpected Blessings

By Angela Sottile

PathwayOn April 21 2016, I made a terrible choice which put me in jail for two months and temporarily took me away from my 9 month old baby boy. This event in my life was my breaking point, which some people refer to as their bottom. I had violated an order of protection stating I was to refrain from seeing my child if under the influence, and was taken to Nassau County Jail. While I was incarcerated I came to terms with the fact that I was no longer able to live the lifestyle that I was living up to that point. After two months of sitting miserably in jail away from my precious child, I was finally given an offer – Treatment Court. I took this offer without hesitation, because I knew it was something I could do. Soon after I signed my contract I was put into Phoenix House Mother and Child program where I was reunited with my child upon admission. That day I was happier than I had ever been in my life. What more could I possibly have wanted, I had my baby boy and was drug free basically for the first time ever. During my stay at Phoenix House, I learned to appreciate all the little things in life. Most of all I appreciated that I was in treatment and that I could have my child with me at the same time. Due to the abusive relationship I had with my son's father I needed domestic violence counseling. In the group," Seeking Safety" I addressed these issues and found it to be very helpful, especially being that I must collaborate with my son's father to this present day which is rather difficult at times. Phoenix House Mother and Child program closed in November 2016, and there was no other program on Long Island to accommodate the needs of both my son and me. I was transferred to Odyssey House Family Center in New York City where I continued my recovery while taking care of my son. Throughout my journey in recovery I have applied the skills I have learned to my everyday life. For example, I surround myself with positive people and avoid people, places, and things that remind me of the past. I recently completed treatment at Odyssey House and have returned home to live with my family. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to turn my life around, especially because I could have my child with me the entire time. My child is a huge encouragement for my recovery. I am now attending early recovery groups and continue to attend outpatient treatment inclusive of group and individual sessions. I will soon be completing Treatment Court. I am thirteen months clean and sober and continue to maintain my sobriety by applying the tools of recovery to my life every day.

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