Froze Property Taxes

Mangano Froze Property Taxes

While neighboring municipalities increased property taxes by double-digits since 2010, the Mangano administration froze County property taxes for 5 straight years.  2015 is the 6th straight year in which households earning under $500,000 annually will not pay a net dime more than they did in 2010.  This is accomplished by participating in Governor Cuomo’s Property Tax Freeze Credit Program, which rewards counties like ours that stay within the tax cap with dollar-for-dollar reimbursement checks to residents.  The 2016 Proposed Budget continues participation in the Governor’s program, recapturing millions of dollars from the State of New York.  Historically, Nassau sends far more money to Albany than it receives.  It is refreshing to participate in a program that will return millions of dollars to County government.  Combined with the elimination of Nassau’s Home Energy Tax and a 20% reduction in the size of government, more money is in your wallet rather than the pocket of government.  The 2016 Proposed Budget continues to protect taxpayers by reducing annual spending from $2.98 billion in 2015 to $2.95 billion in 2016 – a $33.3 million decrease.

For too many years Nassau County spent too much, taxed too high and reformed too little.  In fact, when I took office in 2010, my administration faced a $378 million deficit and hundreds of millions dollars in decade old unsettled property tax grievances.  With cooperation from the Legislature and NIFA, we have made notable progress.  We have improved finances by addressing two decades of non-structural fiscal policies with systematic reforms rather than burdening homeowners with enormous tax increases to address problems of the past.  Our progress includes:

  • reducing the size of government by 1,900 employees - which reduces costs for this generation and will save future generations significant dollars in reduced pension and healthcare costs; 
  • consolidating 10 departments into 4, saving taxpayers $4 million annually;
  • new labor agreements that save hundreds of millions of dollars by implementing a new salary structure and by requiring new employee contributions to healthcare and pension costs while reforming work rules.  The settled costly litigation and provides financial stability for the County.
  • implementing a Residential Assessment Settlement Program to eliminate $25 million in annual waste and eliminate the accumulation of future debt;
  • establishing a Commercial Assessment Dispute Fund which will drastically reduce commercial assessment debt and saved tens of millions of dollars annually;
  • establishing pay-go for CSEA termination costs to be paid from operating funds; and
  • establishing a Litigation Fund to set forth a path for pay-go.

Notable public-private partnerships were launched to save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars while improving services for residents.  Successes include:

  • $233+ million in savings through a public-private partnership with United Water for the operation and maintenance of wastewater facilities, including a guaranteed $10 million in annual savings;
  • $30 million in annual savings by launching a public-private partnership for Nassau County's bus system; 
  • $7 million in annual savings by entering a public-private partnership at the jail for inmate healthcare services;
  • millions in utility and capital improvement savings through a public-private partnership to transform the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum into a world-class arena;
  • new indoor twin ice skating rinks and an outdoor rink at Eisenhower Park without any cost to the taxpayer;
  • a privately-funded Museum of American Armor - which generates new revenue for the Old Bethpage Village Restoration and creates a permanent living classroom for a new generation of Americans to appreciate the battlefield sacrifices made on their behalf;
  • new athletic fields at Mitchel Athletic Complex - constructed in partnership with Molloy College without taxpayer dollars and open for use by our residents; and
  • the NY Cosmo’s Practice Field – a new soccer field at Mitchel Athletic Complex - constructed without taxpayer dollars and open for use by our residents.