Combating Heroin


The Mangano administration has made great efforts to curb heroin and opioid abuse and save lives. The Mangano’s effort to combat the heroin problem is a four-pronged initiative centered on enforcement, education, awareness, and intervention.  In addition, the Department of Human Services launched a countywide effort to educate residents about the relationship among mental health, substance abuse and physical health, and the importance of integrated care and treatment for the whole person.

“A Shot at Life” - the County’s new Pathway to Recovery program - provides counseling with monthly injections of the non-narcotic medication Vivitrol, which caps the opiate receptors in the brain, blocking the drug’s euphoric effects. Unlike other “daily dose” medications long-used to treat opiate and heroin addiction, Vivitrol cannot be abused, is non-addictive and has had great success with several local doctors, and in at least 20 other states. Vivitrol, paired with counseling has been demonstrated in clinical trials to achieve the best rate of total drug-free independence and recovery. It offers the brain time to heal and has the potential to save lives while decreasing incarceration and recidivism. In addition to Vivitrol, those individuals enrolled in the “A Shot at Life” program receive treatment/recovery planning and review, individual counseling, group counseling, case coordination and toxicology testing. To provide an additional resource to residents, the County has started a weekly information, education and support group for those enrolled in a Vivitrol program and those contemplating Vivitrol-related treatment services. The County is very proud to be a leader in this new and comprehensive approach to drug treatment services which are currently being implemented and expanded upon throughout New York State. 

The County has offered non-medically trained residents free overdose prevention seminars, to continue saving lives, keeping families whole and giving those already addicted another chance at recovery. Nearly 6,000 residents have been trained to recognize an opioid overdose, and how to administer the lifesaving antidote Narcan, which can reverse its potentially fatal effects. Hundreds of people have been saved from possibly fatal opioid overdoses by having been administered Narcan. Through education, awareness, and enforcement, the Mangano Administration and the Heroin Prevention Task Force are diligently combatting heroin and opioid abuse throughout the County. These programs demonstrate the many ways that County government can positively impact people’s lives.

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