Crime Down

Crime Down p8

Total crime, including gun violence, is down 24.46% since the Mangano administration took office. Statistics indicate that Nassau is one of the safest large suburban county in the United States of America. The crime rate is now at the lowest level in County history.  In addition to the dedicated men and women of the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD), rapid advances in technology have made it possible to effectively address and target crime patterns. The NCPD has been a leader in this transition with intelligence-led policing tactics, which uses statistics and complex analytical models to more effectively and efficiently direct police resources. Advancements in technology have made it possible for police officers to receive and input valuable intelligence through the computers within their patrol vehicles, enabling a more dynamic and interactive process. This pipeline of real-time intelligence has effectively turned these individual patrol vehicles into mobile police precincts, exponentially increasing the effectiveness of law enforcement.  Most importantly, our dedicated and well-trained police officers patrol our neighborhoods and are the first in line to make sure Nassau County is safe.

Successful Gun Buy Back programs have taken more than 3,500 illegal guns off the streets of Nassau County.  The use of innovative technologies such as license plate readers and the ShotSpotter system - to detect and pinpoint locations of gunfire - has contributed to decreases in crime. The NCPD has upgraded and expanded the ShotSpotter system using asset forfeiture dollars – not taxpayer money.

The Mangano administration is committed to ensuring the NCPD has the tools necessary to combat crime in the future by providing new facilities and up-to-date training with significant funding from Federal and State agencies.  In 2015, the NCPD announced plans for a new Nassau County Police Department Center for Training and Intelligence to be built on the campus of Nassau Community College. The NCPD is also upgrading and improving old and antiquated precinct buildings and community policing centers.