Public Works Improvements

Public Works Improvements

The Mangano administrations’ Department of Public Works is leading the nation.  In 2015, a public-private partnership was launched to better safeguard our environment, strengthen our quality of life, save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and improve the management and operation of Nassau County’s three wastewater treatment facilities.  This partnership was formed to dramatically improve the County’s ability to protect our environment and the health and well-being of our residents. 

Together with United Water, Nassau County is implementing unprecedented advances in environmental protection, odor control, management efficiencies, plant aesthetics and public information.

From nitrogen removal to establishing a new public park near the plant….to improving our ability to recover from future storms…..Nassau County has the means of making these plants more environmentally-friendly, more efficient and better stewards of our environment.  That said, the Mangano administration is not yet done!

Legislators Denise Ford and Howard Kopel continue to work with the administration to secure funds for an Ocean Outfall Pipe.  With the assistance of Governor Cuomo, U.S. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, Congressional Representatives King and Rice, as well as organizations such as Vision Long Island, Operation SPLASH, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, the Mangano administration continues to work with the Federal and State governments to build an Ocean Outfall Pipe to protect our waterways and marshlands.

This benefits not only those residing in East Rockaway and Bay Park, but all residents and future generations as well as recreational boating and commercial fishing.

It is initiatives such as this that are improving our quality of life.

That too can be said for the many environmentally-friendly initiatives the Mangano administration has tackled, such as stopping the pollution of Zach’s Bay…..converting traffic lights and lighting fixtures to LED….using green-construction at the Public Safety Center and producing solar energy at Cedar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.costpro

Other technology is in use at our Department of Public Works, where snow plows can now be tracked with GPS on an electronic map, so that supervisors know where they are and whether their plow is down and salter on.  Additionally, residents can download the NassauNow application on their smartphone or tablet to report potholes and receive other important notifications from County government.

This system helps us efficiently manage our resources and assists the men and women of our Department of Public Works to meet weather challenges.