Protecting Our Pets

For many residents, pets are members of our family.  The Mangano administration recognizes that and has implemented many pet-friendly policies for Nassau County.
animal abuse

Recreational Opportunities are available:

  • Pets In the Preserve:  The Mangano administration understands the benefits of visiting Nassau County Parks with your dog - exercise is good for the body and spirit for both you and your pet.  In 2015, a Pilot Program at the Massapequa Preserve was launched – dedicating a trail for residents to walk their dogs.  Currently, plans are being made to expand the program to other County parks, but we need your help.  To be successful, dog owners must walk their dogs on a leash in order to avoid accidents and incidents. 
  • Dog Runs:  Nassau County provides residents with free access to dog runs at:  Bay Park (new and improved in 2015), Cedar Creek Park, Nickerson Beach, Wantagh Park, Eisenhower Park, Old Bethpage Village Restoration and Christopher Morley Park.

Protecting our Pets is a priority for the Mangano administration.  Initiatives include:

  • Animal Abuse Registry:  County Executive Mangano signed into law an Animal Abuse Registry.  Residents wishing to adopt or purchase a pet from an animal shelter or pet dealer must be approved by the Registry - maintained by the Nassau County Police Department and the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). 
  • Pet Dealers Law:  Nassau County bars pet stores from selling dogs or cats younger than eight weeks old or supplied by breeders that have unresolved U.S. Department of Agriculture violations.  It also sets new documentation requirements for such sales. 
  • Emergency Cohabitation Shelter:  Nassau County has plans in place to allow residents and their pets to cohabitate in an emergency shelter during times of natural disaster.  In addition, AKC Disaster Trailers were granted to the County to assist our little friends should there be a disaster or fire.  Not too long ago after Superstorm Sandy, Nassau County established an Emergency Pet Shelter that remained open for over four months and helped care for over 515 animals. 
  • Domestic Violence Protection For Pets & Owners:  The Nassau SPCA offers free pet protection to victims of domestic violence who have fled to The Safe Center L.I. to obtain assistance in cases of domestic violence. 
  • Animal Training for Law Enforcement:  In 2015, Nassau County began animal training for police officers to assist with safe and successful animal interactions. 
  • Commitment to Protecting Animal Welfare: In 2013, County Executive Mangano appointed Nassau County’s first ever County Emergency Animal Coordinator who is responsible for implementing new programs to prevent cruelty to animals, community education programs, recruiting volunteers for emergency pet shelters during times of natural disaster, spay/neuter programs and animal training for County personnel who often encounter animals.