What attendees of our overdose prevention workshops say afterward:

  • Dear County Executive Mangano, You don’t know me or our family, but I feel so thankful for you, and Eden, for your wisdom, and insight into your lifesaving program in Nassau County. I attended a training on the North Shore and 9 months later, I found my son dying from an overdose in our home. I had to use 2 doses of Narcan on him – he survived! You and your program saved my son and from my heart I am forever grateful. He is not cured, but is in inpatient treatment and working on his recovery … You are my hero. I admire & respect you, and Eden is an angel, always there to speak to me and advise me. Thank you, thank you and God Bless you – Rosemary.
  • Thank you all for your expertise in the addiction field ! You all did an outstanding job informing and teaching us how to prevent an over dose death - Roberta & Bruce.
  • I attended the meeting last night and very happy I did. Everyone was so informative and xxx had an amazing story. My son is in rehab and I hope one day he can stand up and speak of his experience – Lisa.
  • Hi Mr. Mangano! I just want to thank you for providing resources for NARCAN training at Levittown's Wisdom Lane School this evening! I lost my younger brother 14 years ago to a heroin overdose and I am so grateful that you and your staff are making it possible to save victims of substance abuse by making Narcan available as well as increasing mental health services. I very much appreciate the effort and will do anything I can to help as well – Nancy.
  • Hi, I was at the NARCAN last night and wanted to tell you I really was very happy with what the county is doing to help our kids.  I became very educated from this – J.C. 
  • This course is a  “great public service”. Thank you – Ray.
  • I attended the recent meeting in Wantagh with my niece. Sadly, she relapsed and overdosed on heroin 2 weeks ago. Thank God her sister had your kit in the house and gave to the police, to save her. GOD BLESS YOU AND THIS PROGRAM!! You're saving lives – Debbie