Vacate a Conviction

Vacate a Default Conviction

A Default Conviction may be entered for failure to respond to a ticket or Notice of Liability or for missing a scheduled court date.  A Motion to Vacate a Default Conviction may be made if there was a valid reason for missing the court date and there is a meritorious defense to the original charge. 

With the consent of the prosecutor, an in person oral motion to vacate a conviction may be made if the person making the motion is willing to plead guilty to a reduced charge AND make payment immediately.  There is a $50 per violation motion fee.  If the fines and fees are not completely paid by the close of business, the original conviction will stand. Note that Oral Vacate Motions for Camera Violations are only heard during the Thursday morning Court Session. Parking and Traffic Ticket Oral Vacate motions may be made any time court is in session.

A written motion may also be made to vacate a conviction.  If the motion is granted, notification by mail will be made as to a future court date.  There is a $125 per violation written motion fee which must be attached to the written motion which is filed at the cashier’s window.