Disclosure Forms Guidance

To ensure that Nassau County's procurements are processed in an open and fair manner that obtains the highest quality goods and services at the lowest net cost for the County and the public, the County has implemented the most transparent procurement process in New York State. Contracts are awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidders or proposers offering the lowest cost or best value, respectively, to the County. An important element of establishing vendor responsibility and providing transparency to the public is collecting and making public, with limited redactions as appropriate, the vendor integrity and disclosure forms that are required to be filed with the County prior to making an award. The County recognizes that some of the information requested in the disclosure forms may be confusing. Therefore we have prepared the below presentation to provide vendors with guidance regarding when and by whom forms are required, how to respond to questions, and how to avoid pitfalls that may result in the need for resubmissions and delays in contract processing. The presentation contains important information intended to assist you in understanding the County's concerns when reviewing these documents. Once you have viewed the presentation, if you continue to have questions regarding your firm's disclosure requirements, please contact the department issuing the contract under consideration for further guidance.

Disclosure Form Training Presentation (PDF)

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding how to improve this guidance for the benefit of all vendors, please feel free to submit a suggestion or comment by email: Disclosure Forms Guidance Suggestions (PDF)