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Comptroller’s Property Tax Grievance/Appeal Tutorial

As Nassau County residents and tax payers you should be aware
of the importance of filing a property tax grievance/appeal, to help
lower your property taxes.

Message from the Nassau County Comptroller:
“Each year over 60% of Nassau County residents miss out on
the opportunity to appeal their property tax assessment and
unfairly pay high property taxes…”
It is easy to file an appeal/grievance to your property assessment.
You can do it yourself online: e-file and submit it to the
Assessment Review Commission directly.

This video will show you how to e-file a grievance in simple,
step by step instructions.

FILING DATES: January 2nd to March 1st 2017

If you prefer, click here to view this video in YouTube

Comptroller’s STAR Tax Exemption Tutorial

Make sure to apply for your Star Tax Exemption for the following school year.

You can apply for your STAR Tax Exemption online.

The video below will walk you through the process of registering and filling out the application for the STAR Tax Exemption, in step-by-step instructions.

Note: Deadline for STAR tax exemption applications for the following
school year: first business day in January

If you prefer, click here to view this video in YouTube.