NCDA Criminal Justice Conference 2017 Documents

Narcotics Trafficking: Interception & Prevention
Presenter: ADA Edward Friedenthal, Chief, NCDA Special Operations, Narcotics and Gangs Bureau
Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault: Overcoming Obstacles & Odds
Presenter: ADA Theresa Tebbett, Chief, NCDA Special Victims Bureau
People are Living Longer: Identifying & Assisting Victims of Elder Abuse
Presenter: ADA Arlene Markarian, Chief, NCDA Elder Abuse Unit
Legal Developments in Corruption, Conspiracy, and Child Abuse Prosecutions
Presenters: ADA Tammy Smiley Chief, NCDA Appeals Bureau; ADA Yael Levy, Deputy Chief, NCDA Appeals Bureau
The Devastating Impact When a Driver Leaves the Scene of a Crash
Presenter: Executive ADA Maureen McCormick, Executive, NCDA Major Case Division;
Mental Health Prosecutions: Outside the Box, Inside the Mind
Presenter: ADA Jacqueline Rosenblum, Director, NCDA Mental Health Prosecutions