MWBE Steering Committee

The Office of the Nassau County Comptroller is revamping the existing MWBE Advisory committee and is now accepting applications from Nassau County residents who wish to serve on the MWBE Steering Committee.

The MWBE Steering Committee will be tasked with supporting and improving participation of MWBE’s in County contracts and subcontracts, assisting the County in reviewing contractors’ compliance with MWBE requirements and advising on enforcement of current MWBE requirements and regulations to ensure compliance with Local Law 14-2002 (Title 53, Miscellaneous Laws of Nassau County) in the County contracting process.

The committee will comprise internal Nassau department designees (such as from the Office of Minority Affairs and Comptroller’s office) and five qualified and interested members of the public who have no conflicts or business related to County government and hold no position in any political party or local government.

Please be informed that you should not apply for appointment to the MWBE Steering Committee if you are unable in any manner to act independently or if you have any present, past, or anticipated future dealing with the County which would affect your ability to act independently. Please also be informed that, if you are selected for appointment, you will need to complete a Background Information Questionnaire, which will require disclosure of any conflicts of interest.

If you are appointed to the committee, you will be required, at a minimum, but not limited to:

►Be available to meet regularly (at least quarterly);

►Assist in planning and executing of county MWBE outreach events;

►Provide input into and monitoring of the county's MWBE contracting requirements; and

►Remove yourself from the Committee if any conflicts of interest arise.

If you are interested in serving, you can download a copy of the submission form by clicking here.