Fact Sheets and Data Analysis

The Office of the Nassau County Comptroller regularly prepares fact sheets to provide an easier-to-understand look into the specifics of the county’s finances and more.


09-29-20212022 Proposed Budget Analysis on Risks and Opportunities
08-17-2021Nassau County 2020 Census Statistics Highlights Fact Sheet
07-31-20212021 Nassau County Mid-Year Report on the County's Financial Condition Fact Sheet
07-02-2021Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Fact Sheet for the Fiscal Year 2020
Guiding Principles: Making Smart Investments with Stimulus Funding
05-20-2021This is Nassau: Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Key Facts
04-28-2021Local Economic Acceleration Plan (LEAP) Part 3: Cost Savers
04-20-2021Local Economic Acceleration Plan (LEAP) Part 2: Revenue Generators
04-13-2021Infrastructure Brief Fact Sheet
04-06-2021Women in the Workforce 2021
03-31-2021Local Economic Acceleration Plan (LEAP) Part 1: Economic Drivers

Veterans Fact Sheet 2020
2021 Proposed Budget Fact Sheet
09-24-2020This is Nassau: Hispanic Community Key Facts

Esto es el Condado de Nassau: Datos clave de la communidad hispana.
Living Wage Fact Sheet
08-27-2020A Message About Equity Gaps and MWBEs/SDVOBs
08-10-20202020 Mid-Year Report on the County's Fiscal Condition
07-23-2020Equity Gap Toolkit Fact Sheet

Equity Gap Toolkit One-Pager
06-30-2020Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for fiscal year 2019
06-15-2020Cybercrime Prevention Tips
05-15-2020COVID-19 Financial Impact Analysis 
04-17-2020Key Child Care Gaps by the Numbers
02-18-2020This is Nassau: Black Economic Equity 2020 Update
01-14-2020Comptroller’s Office Mid-Term Review

12-19-2019This is Nassau: Modernizing ’The Deal’ of Living in Nassau County
11-27-2019Food Insecurity Fact Sheet 2019
11-19-2019Role of the Comptroller Fact Sheet
11-08-2019Veterans Fact Sheet 2019
10-11-20192020 Proposed Budget Risks and Opportunities Fact Sheet
10-07-2019This Is Nassau: Hispanic Community Key Facts
09-05-2019Living Wage Fact Sheet
08-06-2019This is Nassau: The Deal for the Next Generation
07-23-2019Long Island Counts: 2020 Census Report

Conteos de la población de Long Island Informe del censo 2020

Long Island Konte Rapò Resansman 2020
07-02-2019Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for fiscal year 2018
05-02-2019Department of Assessment Property Tax Exemption Processing Audit Fact Sheet and Infographics
05-01-2019This is Nassau: Asian Community Key Facts
03-27-2019Women in the Workforce Fact Sheet
02-13-2019This is Nassau: Black Economic Equity
01-17-2019First Year Progress Update One Pager and Progress Update Presentation

12-18-2018Demographic Profile, 2020 Census Issue Brief, and MWBE Issue Brief
11-20-2018Food Insecurity Fact Sheet
11-15-2018Veterans Fact Sheet  and Veterans Policy Awareness and Advocacy Issue Brief 
10-18-2018Take-Home Vehicle Audit
10-18-2018Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) Data
10-12-20182019 Proposed Budget Risks and Opportunities
07-23-2018Sales Tax Collection
07-02-2018Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for fiscal year 2017
04-24-2018Preliminary Unaudited GAAP Results for fiscal year 2017
04-10-2018Nassau County Employee Earnings during 2017
01-29-2018Nassau County’s fund balance and ability to pay a $45 million judgment (presented at the January 29, 2018 meeting of the Nassau County Legislature)