Social Adult Day Care

Social adult day services programs provide care to frail and disabled older adults in a supervised group setting within the community. Services include socialization activities, supervision and monitoring, and nutrition. Programs also provide personal care that includes hands on assistance with mobility, eating, and toileting (including care of incontinence). All services are based on an individual care plan and assessment of the participant. Social adult day services provide a break to caregivers and especially gives peace of mind to working caregivers.

Participants are encouraged to make a voluntary contribution towards the program, but there is no fee for services.

To be eligible for adult day services, an individual must be:

  1. A Nassau County resident 60 years of age or older 
  2. Functionally impaired (needing the assistance of another person in at least one of the following ADLs: toileting, mobility, transferring, or eating, or needing supervision due to cognitive impairment and/or psycho-social impairment)

For more information, please contact (516) 227-8900.

Social Adult Day Care Programs