Non-Profit Round Table

County Officials and Non-Profit Organization Leaders Meet at Roundtable Event to Strengthen Partnerships

Garden City, NY – Nassau County Comptroller Jack Schnirman and representatives from the County Executive’s Office met with leaders from Nassau County’s non-profit community on June 5 for a roundtable discussion. The conversation focused on eliminating the issues currently slowing down the contracting and payment process for critical services for communities and taking the steps needed to achieve broader goals like measuring program outcomes and building new partnerships.

“There’s a clear need to improve partnerships and centralized communication between county government and the non-profit organizations that provide critical services for communities,” Schnirman said. “We began addressing the most pressing issues during my administration’s transition phase, and this event was a much-needed building block toward modernizing and streamlining the contracting and claims process. As we move forward, there are a tremendous amount of opportunities for the county and non-profit organizations to further enhance the crucial services they provide.”

Nassau County contracts with non-profit organizations to deliver a host of much-needed services to residents, including child and senior care, housing support, youth development programs, substance use disorder treatment, and support for those dealing with mental health issues.

“These organizations provide critical services to thousands of Nassau County residents and they need government to provide them assets to do just that,” said Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. “We are working internally and with the Comptroller’s Office to improve the payment process so we can ensure these services that mean too much for too many to be bogged down by bureaucracy.”

Held at Nassau Community College, Schnirman, his team, and representatives from the County Executive’s Office facilitated a collaborative discussion identifying the source of the historic challenges, developed goals for more efficient partnerships with non-profit organizations, and outlined next steps to improve how the county contracts with and ultimately pays non-profit organizations for their services.

For years, the county’s non-profit partners have had to deal with late payments, needlessly duplicated paperwork requirements, and uncertain long-term service requirements. Additionally, there have been reported delays in passing through state grant funds. Many non-profit organizations have reported having to take out lines of credit to cover costs while they wait for payments from the county.

These issues result in less services ultimately being delivered to the community and tax dollars being wasted.

“Today’s roundtable with nonprofits and Nassau County officials provided an invaluable look at how we can collaborate more effectively, increase efficiency, and streamline the multiple steps within the contract process with the end goal of not impeding on providing critical services to Nassau County residents,” said Jacob Dixon, President/CEO of Choice for All. “The space provided an acknowledgement the County is positioned to work side-by-side with us to make this a reality, and I look forward to seeing the progress.”

 “We were very grateful to be present for the inaugural meeting this morning. Communication is key and the opportunity to meet with Comptroller Jack Schnirman and his staff shows their desired interest and engagement with the non-profit community,” Jean Kelly, Executive Director of The Interfaith Nutrition Network said. “The exchange was open, candid, constructive, exploratory, and truly encouraging for improved relationships moving forward. It was also wonderful to be together with the other non-profit leaders in the community and be reminded of their dedication and service.”

Schnirman recently convened a new Non-Profit Steering Committee comprised of leaders from Nassau County’s non-profit community. The committee will be meeting on a regular basis to ensure recommendations through roundtable events and meetings with stakeholders are implemented.