Nassau County Commissioner of Labor

Nassau County Commissioner of Labor, John J. Skinner, Jr., was appointed by Nassau County Executive, Laura Curran, Friday, February 14, 2018.

Mr. Skinner started his career in Metallic Lathers Reinforcing Ironworkers Union Local 46 in 1981. After serving a three-year apprenticeship, he took his place as a Journeyman, Foreman, and Shop Steward. Mr. Skinner knew the value of being an active member from a very young age; attending union meetings, union rallies, and other union functions.

In 2008, John Skinner was elected to the Office of Trustee in which he had to pay close attention to detail while also addressing the fiduciary responsibilities set before him. After the completion of his term in 2011, Mr. Skinner was elected to the Office of President (2011); and re-elected in 2014; serving two terms. In April of 2012, he took on the role of Political Legislative Director as well.

For the years following, his efforts have been tireless in assuring that labor-friendly legislation is upheld, and that our elected officials understand the needs and problems of the Middle Class; inclusive of all workers in union, and non-union jobs.

 "I believe we are at a crucial time in our country; and all people need to realize that unions are, and always have been the answer to the American Dream. We must fight for social justice with everything we have, to protect this great country."

In 2014, Mr. Skinner was also elected to the Executive Committee of the New York Branch of the NAACP, and continues to serve.