10. How do I enter the claim information from the Claim Voucher form into the FAMIS System? 

The first step is setting up a Document Header Record for the claim in FAMIS along with a Document Detail Record: 

To set up a Document Header Record 

  • Enter the FAMIS System and go to the Main Menu (FAML0000), Press F3 to access the Financial Processing Menu. (Alternatively, link to screen 4000 and press F9.)
  • Type the two letter abbreviation for the claim type you are processing (see Question #7) and press CTRL (control). Note: you will be transferred to the Document Header Screen (FAML4010). You can easily verify that you are on FAML4010 by looking in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  • Once on FAML4010 (Document Header Screen), verify that the Document Category displays the type of claim you selected (VB, VM, VD or VR).
  • Now, notice that the cursor should be blinking in the Document Number field. The Document Prefix, Initiating Dept, and Input Period will all default for you.
  • Tab to the Vendor Number field and enter the vendor number and suffix from the Claim Voucher Document.
  • If the Vendor Number is not known, a table lookup can be accessed by pressing the F2 key when the cursor is in the Vendor Number field. Then, select the appropriate vendor and press F2 to retrieve the vendor information.
  • Tab to the Approval Type field and enter the required approval type for this document (Enter 01).
  • Tab past the Due Date field and Single Check field since these will default for you.
    • If a single check is wanted for this payment, this field must be checked with a Y. The system defaults to N, which will lump this payment with any others going to the vendor.
  • In the Document Amount field, enter the total amount of the voucher being processed.
  • Tab to the Number of Lines field and enter the total number of detail lines on the document. Count each index or sub-object code as a separate line.
  • In the Notepad field, indicate whether or not an electronic note will be attached. This will default to N. To add a note, put Y.
  • Press F10 to save the Document HeaderRecord. Do not press ENTER as this will clear the screen.

11. OK, I've completed the Document Header in FAMIS. Now what?

Once the Document Header is saved without any errors, you will be transferred to the Document Detail screen. Several fields should already be filled with default information, including the Input Period and a Transaction Code. FAMIS should also have generated the next Document Number available for the input prefix. Verify the information is correct and begin entering information into the various fields on the detail screen. Fill in all required fields. Take the information from the invoice where applicable.

The Document Number is the reference for all inquiries regarding this claim. Do not forget to manually write the number in the space reserved for it on the top right of the claim form. 

Creating the Document Detail Record

  • In the case of a VD document only, tab to the Document Reference field and type the encumbrance number you are paying against (e.g. CQSS99000001 01). Then tab directly to the "Trans Desc" field and enter a transaction description. Up to 50 characters can be entered in this field. Follow the remaining directions as outlined below.
  • For all other document types, tab directly to the "Trans Desc" field and enter a transaction description. Up to 50 characters can be entered in this field. Follow the remaining directions as outlined below.
  • Do not forget to enter the invoice number (if one exists), preceded and followed by an asterisk.
  • Enter the transaction amount for the first detail line.
  • Save detail transaction line one by pressing F10. After saving line one, the document suffix number will change to "02". If there are additional lines, enter them in accordingly. Follow the same steps beginning with the Document Detail Input Activity.
  • If the document is a VR, also enter the sub-object code.
  • If the document is a VM, also enter the index code and sub-object code.

    What is a sub-object code?
    A sub-object code represents a category of payment. You must enter one of those options to identify its code. You can see the list of codes by hitting F2 when the cursor is in the sub-object field. You must enter one of these options.

    Where do I get the index number?
    The number comes from your department's budget. The Comptroller's Office does not know these numbers.

  • If the document is a VB, enter the G/L Account.
  • After entering and saving all detail lines, you are now ready to view the document and eventually submit it for approval. Enter the invoice date. Check each detail line to make sure there are no error codes listed. F7 will let you view all lines of a claim.

Posting and Inquiry

  • Once the Document Detail is saved without errors, press F7 to view the Document Display screen.
  • Review the screen to make sure that all fields, including the transaction code, index code, sub-object code, transaction amount, and description are filled in correctly. If they are, hit the "Pause/Break" button on your keyboard to go back to the header screen.
  • At this point, print out a copy of the online entry. You will not be able to view it while it moves through the approvals process.
  • Hit F8 to submit the document.

If the document does not have any errors on its header or detail lines, the system should deliver a message saying, "APPROVAL PATH FOUND AND SUCCESSFULLY BUILT FOR DOCUMENT: VDSS99????"

12. Why is this important? 

Document Authorization enables users to perform electronic document routing and authorization within departments as well as between departments. If FAMIS does not reject the document, it will be transmitted electronically to the next person in the approval path. The paperwork should also be brought to that person.

13. If FAMIS rejects with an error code, what do I do?

Go back and review your field entries, verifying all fields are correctly filled in. Correct any mistakes and try resubmitting. Occasionally a field will not allow corrections. In that case, in order to reduce confusion, you must delete the document before starting over. View a list of error codes and their meanings (PDF).

14. What happens next?

The paperwork must be brought to the next person in the approval path, usually someone on a supervisory level. That person goes to their mailbox in FAMIS (FAML8010) and performs a search using the document number generated in the last step. Then they review the claim.  

Claim Review and Approval—Supervisory Level

To see where a document is in the approval path, view the following screens:

FAML8020Document Authorization Table – Active
FAML8025Document Authorization Table - Archive

Financial inquiry enables users to view organizational financial information from a variety of different perspectives after a document has been posted.

  • The following screens should be used for inquiry after posting:
    FAML6040Document Summary by Vendor
    FAML6050Document Summary Inquiry
    FAML6051Document Inquiry
    FAML6160Vendor Summary
    FAML6300Transaction Detail Inquiry
    FAML 6510Invoice History
    FAML6860Document Selection
    FAML6162Vendor Payment Detail Inquiry

15. What is the next step in approval? 

Once the document number is found, it should be selected by putting an "S" in the field next to the document number and hitting F2. A Header Screen will come up.

  • Review that screen and then hit F6 to move to the Detail Screen. Hit F5 to scroll through the document. If everything seems satisfactory (payee name, address, payment amount, etc., matches on the claim and invoice), go to the next question. If you see a problem, skip to Question 17.

16. OK, I've done that, and everything looks good. How do I approve this for payment?

Hit the "Pause/Break" button on your keyboard to return to screen FAML8010.

  • Type "A" next to the document number to approve and then hit F10. You will be required to enter your electronic signature indicating your approval for payment. Press F10 again after you have done so.
  • The document will be electronically submitted to the next step in the approval path, which should be the Comptroller's Office.

The approving department must now mail the physical paperwork to the Comptroller's Office for final approval and vendor payment.
Send to: Vendor Claims Section
Office of the Nassau County Comptroller
240 Old Country Road, Room 209
Mineola, NY 11501

ALL paperwork submitted with the claim in support of the payment should be forwarded. Departments are advised to make a copy of all documents and to keep a record of all claims.

17. I see a problem in the document and it must be fixed before I can approve. What do I do? 

You must reject the document back to the initiator.

  • Hit the "Pause/Break" button on your keyboard to return to screen FAML8010.
  • Type "R" next to the document number you are rejecting and hit F10. You will be required to enter your electronic signature, identifying yourself to the initiator. Press F10 again after you have done so.
  • On the notepad screen, type your message explaining the error.
  • When the corrected document is returned to you, follow the procedure outlined beginning in Question 15.