Taxpayer Protection Plan


In 2011, the prior administration froze Nassau County’s assessment roll. Since that time, property values have skyrocketed while property assessments have remained flat or decreased. When County Executive Laura Curran took office, she vowed to address the financial mess she inherited. That cannot be done without fixing the broken and corrupted assessment roll.

In early 2018, County Executive Curran ordered the assessment roll to be unfrozen and a reassessment of all homes to be completed. Since then, the County has reassessed the approximately 400,000 properties on its assessment roll. In addition, County Assessor David Moog has set the class one level of assessment for the tentative 2020-2021 assessment roll at .10%.

This will affect class one residential 2020-2021 taxes.

While the estimated tax impact per property has yet to be calculated, County Executive Curran has promised full transparency and will notify every resident of the tax impact based on the new assessment.

To provide relief to homeowners, the County Executive is implementing her Taxpayer Protection Plan with new caps.  She will soon be submitting draft legislation to N.Y. State lawmakers that will provide this necessary and appropriate protection for taxpayers from any relative changes in class one tax burden that could otherwise result from the reassessment and a change in the level of assessment.

The legislation would provide for a five-year transition that would properly balance the interests of residents.

County Executive Curran’s efforts to fix Nassau County’s finances must begin with addressing the assessment system. She has taken the steps needed to put the County on a path to fiscal stability and a secure future for all our residents and property owners.