Sewer Tax Refunds

Nassau County made an error in the calculation of the 2018 Sewer Disposal Zone charge resulting in your overpayment.  This check is a refund for the amount overpaid.  

Refunds were calculated by multiplying the Sewer Disposal Zone of Assessment tax amount by 33.7%.  Computations were based upon 1st half partial or full payments. 

  • If the taxpayer paid the first half only, at the incorrect amount and paid the second half at the corrected amount, then the County refunded the amount overpaid on the first half only.  (see example below)
  • If the taxpayer paid in full (both halves) of the tax bill, the County refunded the total amount of the error.  (see example below)

To access the below chart, go to Enter Section, Lot and Block or the address you are inquiring about.  Click on the General and School Taxes tab, Tax Year 2018, and General Taxes Tab.  There, you will find your Sewer Disposal Zone of Assessment.  Using the below formula, you will be able to confirm your refund. 

how to calculate your sewer tax refund

Local Law #1-2018 Sewer (PDF)