Willow View Estates Subdivision SEQR

NCPC Planning staff received the Preliminary Major Subdivision for Willow View Estates.  The Developer is proposing to subdivide the 114.25-acre Woodmere Club (golf and country club) into 285 single-family lots located in the Hamlet of Woodmere, Town of Hempstead, Village of Lawrence,  and Village of Woodsburgh.  The subject property is also within 300 feet of the Village of Cedarhurst.

On January 31, 2019, the NCPC preliminarily classified the action as Type I and initiated the Lead Agency Coordination Period.  On February 1, 2019, Lead Agency Coordination Letter, with attachments (List of Involved Agencies, FEAF part 1,  and Preliminary Subdivision Map), was sent to all Involved Agencies.  The Lead Agency Coordination Letter initiated a 30-day period in which Involved Agencies have an opportunity to assume responsibility of Lead Agency.  On March 7, 2019, the NCPC officially declared itself Lead Agency (after not receiving any objections from Involved Agencies) and issued a Positive-Declaration.

The Developer shall submit to the NCPC a Draft Environmental Impact Statement Scope for review.  A scoping public comment period and hearing will be scheduled by the NCPC upon receipt of a Draft Scope.  Notice of Public Comment Period and Public Hearing will be posted on this website. 

SEQRA-related documentation will be posted on this website.  Please check back often for updates.

Subdivision Plan
Preliminary Classification and Initiation of LA Coordination Period Resolution
Lead Agency Coordination Letter, with attachments
SEQRA Pos Dec NCPC Resolution
SEQRA Pos Dec Determination