Section 8 Home Ownership

Home Ownership Voucher Program

Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program can convert their tenant-based voucher, if eligible, to the Home Ownership Voucher Program. 

Program Requirements:

  • First time homeowner or cooperative member
  • Minimum income requirement
  • Employment requirement
  • Home ownership counseling
  • Predatory Lending counseling
  • Family Self-Sufficiency participant

The prospective home must pass an initial housing quality standard inspection conducted by the Housing Agency and an independent home inspection before the Housing Agency may approve the purchase by the family. 

The first step is to attend an orientation for first time home buyers with a voucher. Orientations are given once a month every other month. To register for an orientation please contact us at 516-572-1903 or via email

First Time Home buyers

Nassau County Home Ownership Center (NCHOC) provides counseling to individuals who are first time home buyers. As the County’s Home ownership Center, our mission is to provide Nassau residents with necessary home ownership training and grant information that will keep participants focused on their objective and minimize their frustration. The first step is to attend an Orientation for First Time Home buyers.  

This orientation is available every month this training program is structured with five–two-hour workshops and group exercises that cover the following subject matter: 

  • How ready are you to become a home owner?
  • How is your credit and do you budget?
  • Principles of shopping for a home
  • Steps in obtaining a mortgage
  • Steps to insure your investment

We invite professional guest speakers (i.e. real estate attorney, engineer / pest inspector, insurance agent, and bank partners) that will further provide participants with important information. To insure that participants achieve their goals, our home ownership counselors will provide one-on-one counseling and be available to answer questions.  

Additional Information

For information Contact the Home ownership Center by calling 516-572-1903 or visit the office at:
40 Main Street
First Floor - Suite B
Hempstead, NY 11550