Past Events

Chinese New Year – February 

The program for the evening included Chinese New Year greetings from the County Executive followed by cultural programs, including, a lion dance show, Chinese Yo-Yo theatrics, Zither instrument ensemble, martial arts, and traditional and modern dance performances. Chinese food was served and Chinese artwork was on display. The evening was filled with warmth, laughter, and cheer as the Chinese New Year ushered in a year of good fortune, health, and prosperity to the administration and to all who attend. The purpose of this event is to showcase and embrace the multiethnic diversity in Nassau County.




Lifeguard Sensitivity Training – May

In early May, our office and the Nassau County lifeguards and pool directors participated in a cultural bias training conducted by our staff. The program was designed to sensitize the lifeguards and pool directors to the reasons why modest swimwear is worn by members of certain ethnic groups and ensuring all members of the public feel welcome and safe at our pools and beach facilities. We also conducted outreach with ethnic groups about water safety and what fabrics would be permitted in the pools.


Ramadan Iftar  

This event  honored local Muslim leaders and activists as well as showcased Ramadan’s focus on the principles of community, sacrifice, and self-reflection. Part of the event included a traditional breaking of the fast at sunset followed by dinner.



Bangladesh Independence Day – March 26th, 2019

On March 26th, we celebrated Bangladesh Independence Day due to the growth of the community. It commemorates the day when Bangladesh achieved independence from Pakistan. Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation in 1971. This cultural event showcased the diversity in Nassau County with performances, ethnic food, and honoring community leaders.


Asian Heritage Month – May 2019

May was Asian Heritage month. Throughout the month, we celebrated the contributions of Asian Americans in Nassau County. During this month we displayed Asian American art at the Theodore Roosevelt Executive Building and held an Asian Heritage celebration to celebrate diversity. Through these efforts, we hope to have the entire county acknowledge and celebrate Asian American contributions. This has also helped to strengthen our social media presence.