School Bus Safety Program

Nassau County is pleased to offer the opportunity for school districts to participate in a new safety initiative, the School Bus Safety Program. Recent state and county legislation permits Nassau County to work with school districts to increase bus stop safety through camera monitoring. Bus cameras can help identify irresponsible drivers and ticket vehicles which illegally pass a bus stopped to drop off and/or pick up children.

Nassau County’s goal is to increase roadway safety for all pedestrians in and around school buses. There will be an active and robust public awareness campaign with a proactive rollout of the School Bus Safety Program before any violations are issued to vehicle owners.


A survey conducted in spring of 2020 yielded responses from 24 school districts interested in participating in the program. 

Nassau County then issued a Request for Proposals from vendors in September 2020 to procure a camera safety system for districts to utilize. 

Following contract approval with the vendor, the County will offer all 56 school districts the opportunity to opt-in to the program, in accordance with New York State law. 

Nassau County will be issuing a request for expression of interest to the vendor community to obtain the most up to date information on photo monitoring programs, equipment and implementation.

Questions regarding the School Bus Safety Program can be submitted to the Nassau County Office of Shared Services at (516) 571-3072 or


Under New York State law, Nassau County recently established the School Bus Photo Violation Monitoring Program. The program, successfully tested by the East Meadow School District, allows for the installation of mobile monitoring equipment on school buses that will detect and ticket drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses (per state law).

School districts within the county can choose to opt-in to this program, by entering into a contract with the County, which will hire a vendor to install monitoring equipment on school buses. Nassau County recently issued a letter informing districts of the program, along with a survey to gauge school district interest. A link to the online survey, as well as other documentation, are provided below:

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