Attorney Information

  • Attorneys MUST schedule an appointment at if you wish to represent 1 or more client(s) at one appearance. 
  • You may appear on behalf of your client on their scheduled court date and submit a NOA in person for that specific client ONLY. A NOA will not be accepted in person for any other cases during that appearance.  
  • Attorneys MUST present their email confirmation, their client’s court letter or their client’s ticket with the return date to the Public Safety Officer upon entering the building. 
  • If you are an attorney and have any attorney related questions, call 516-572-2700 and select Option 9.
  • Not Guilty Plea(s) and Motions will be accepted at the cashier’s window.
  • Attorneys do not need an appointment if they are only submitting Not Guilty Plea(s), Motion(s) or paying fines.
  • Notices of Appearance (NOA) will no longer be accepted through fax or email. 
  • Attorneys cannot submit Not Guilty Plea(s), Motions or Requests for Supporting Deposition(s) by fax or email.
  • Due to COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Restrictions, Attorneys MUST be on time so we may safely allow the next attorney to enter the courtroom to handle his or her case(s).