Food Services COVID-19 Resources

A Message to all Nassau County Food Establishments:

 Your help in slowing the spread of COVID-19 is essential.

Last Updated: March 10, 2021

  1. NYSDOH has released updated food service guidance that includes In-Person and Catered Events:


  1. Get Vaccinated: Restaurant employees, including workers in permitted soup kitchens and congregate meal programs, and restaurant delivery workers are currently eligible to be vaccinated against Covid-19.  You can pre-register for an appointment here: If the quota is full, please keep checking back.  Once you have your appointment, please make sure that you bring proof of employment to the clinic such as a letter from employer on letterhead, paystub indicating the restaurant name, formal work identification (not a name tag), etc.  Without proof of employment you will not be vaccinated.
  2. Recreation guidelines that may occur within food service establishments have been updated. Please visit the following website to check if this applies to your facility.      

Additional Requirements

  1. Conduct health screenings of your employees prior to each shift and enforce your sick worker policy.
  2. Contact our office of known COVID-19 positive food service workers at 516-227-9717
  3. If an employee is awaiting a test result due to a Covid-19 exposure, they may not be working in the facility during that wait time.
  4. Frequently clean all surfaces in your establishment.
  5. Require staff and guests to wear appropriate face coverings.
  6. Maintain at least 6 feet separation between patrons at separate tables.
  7. Do not exceed your maximum capacity. (indoor dining restricted to 50% capacity at present)
  8. At present, you must close in-person service from 11PM - 5AM, however, curbside food-only pick-up or delivery is allowed after 11PM. Alcohol to go is NOT allowed.

Your assistance in the fight against COVID-19 is essential to reducing cases, slowing the spread, and keeping Nassau County businesses open and operating.

Please follow this link to access NYS Guidance for operating a food service establishment during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Covid-19 Food Resources/Documentation: