Tenant Portal

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As a participant in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, you have an opportunity to select and rent decent and affordable homes in the private market.

Nassau County Office of Housing oversees tenant eligibility, lease-up, annual recertification, as well as Housing Quality Standards inspections of all units. 

The following forms are for current participants of the Section 8 program only. Completing any of these forms is not considered an application for the program. If you have questions about these forms, please contact the Office of Housing at 516-572-1900 or contact your Housing Specialist.

Current Participant Forms

Move Forms

If you have a mobile Section 8 voucher, you may be able to move to a new apartment while keeping your housing subsidy.

Please note: Before you can move to another apartment and continue to receive your housing assistance, you must meet the obligations of your current lease. Failure to do so may lead to termination of your rental assistance.

The following forms are used during the relocation process:

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Change of Income or Household Composition Forms

Whenever your income changes or you have a change in family composition (persons moving in or out of your household) you are required to report the change to your Housing Specialist. He/she will determine if or when a change in rent is required.

Housing Search Resources

The Nassau County Office of Housing does not locate housing or have property listings. Please refer to the following resources:

Recertification Forms

Every household that receives housing assistance must undergo a regular (annual) recertification. Approximately 60-90 days before your anniversary date, we will schedule and conduct a re-inspection of your unit. We will also send you forms to verify your income and eligibility for the program. You must respond by the due dates stated in the letter. Failure to do so may lead to termination of your rental assistance.