Veterans Bill of Rights

Caring for our veteran heroes who served in uniform has been at the top of my priority list since taking office. That's why I sponsored a bill to enshrine a 21st Century "Veteran's Bill of Rights" into law. This bill will codify into law rights for our Nassau County Veterans, including:

  • The right to dignified housing.
  • The right to gainful employment.
  • The right to be protected from discrimination.
  • The right to be supported in the community, in such organizations as VFWs and American Legions.

No Politician's Names on County Signs

Your tax dollars should be spent on delivering government service. They should NOT be spent promoting politicians. For too many years, politicians of both parties have put their names on signs at county parks, properties, and beaches - all at your expense. That's why I sponsored a bill to ban this practice once and for all. As inflation and taxes rise, we should be spending your money wisely and only when necessary.

Reduce the Red-Light Camera Fee

For years, Nassau County has had one of the highest Red-Light Camera Fees in the country. Right now, it costs over $150 per Red Light Camera ticket. Put frankly, it's outrageous. That's why I've sponsored a bill to eliminate the Driver Responsibility Fee, and dramatically lower this fee to be comparable to Suffolk County.

Holding Our Politicians Accountable

Trust in government is at an all-time low, and action is urgently needed to restore the public trust. In order to do so, we need rules in place that hold politicians accountable just like every other American citizen. That's why I've proposed a package of legislation including:

  • Term Limits for Elected Officials.
  • Mandatory background checks for all political candidates.
  • Barring anyone with an open foreign arrest warrant from holding office.
  • Making it a misdemeanor to lie about a candidate’s education, employment history, address, and income sources.