Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency


This Agency will have evening hours on Wednesday August 14, 2019

See information regarding recent Red Light Camera legislation

Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency Building

Mission Statement

To enhance pedestrian and vehicular safety through education and timely adjudication of all traffic, parking and photo enforcement related offenses.

General Information

Security screening

All persons entering the Agency must possess valid Government Issued Photo ID (a driver license is preferred), will be screened. All carry items will be placed in an X-RAY machine and are also subject to search. No food, beverages, or weapons. When going to court, your Photo ID will be collected before entering the courtroom and it will be given back by the prosecutor.

Dress Appropriately

Appropriate clothing is required. The Judicial Hearing Officer reserves the final decision as to whether to adjudicate or adjourn a case until you are considered appropriately dressed. Save yourself time, if you question if you are appropriately dressed, consider coming another day. You may wait 2 hours before having your case adjourned for inappropriate court dress. Further, the agreement you reached with the prosecutor will not be saved. When you appear again, you will need to reach another plea agreement with the Court. In all cases, bikini bottoms or muscle shirts (those shirts where there are no sleeves and/or the sides are open) or anything considered too revealing is not allowed admittance to court.


Phones must be set to silent, and conversations, picture taking, and videotaping are not permitted and will result in ejection from the agency.


There is a public parking garage that charges $0.50 per hour. Bring quarters!


Depending on circumstances, a court appearance can take as little as 1 1/2 hours and as long as 4 hours or more, so plan accordingly.