County Legislature

The Nassau County Legislature, formed in 1996, is the legislative arm of the Nassau County government. Comprised of single representatives from each of the county's
19 districts, it is the legislature's duty to draft and approve local laws that affect the county and its residents.


LD 01

District 1

Kevan Abrahams

LD 02
District 2

Siela A. Bynoe
LD 03

District 3

Carrié Solages
Denise Ford 75 X 100

District 4

Denise Ford

LD 05
District 5

Laura Curran

75 X 100 thumbline

District 6

C. William Gaylor III
LD 07
District 7
Howard J. Kopel
VTM NEW 2015 WEB 75x10

District 8

Vincent T. Muscarella
Richard J Nicolello

District 9

Richard J. Nicolello

LD 10
District 10

Ellen W. Birnbaum

Delia DeRiggi-Whitton
District 11

Delia DeRiggi-Whitton

LD 12

District 12

James Kennedy
LD 13

District 13

Norma L. Gonsalves

LD 14
District 14

Laura Schaefer
LD 15

District 15

Dennis Dunne, Sr.

Drucker Headshot ledg home page District 16

Arnold W. Drucker

LD 17

District 17

Rose Marie Walker
LD 18

District 18

Donald N. MacKenzie
LD 19

District 19

Steven D. Rhoads


The Nassau County Legislature is based on a committee system, consisting of 12 committees. Issues are assigned to a committee for review and consideration. Upon approval, issues move to the Rules Committee for further review. If approved, issues are placed on the calendar of the Nassau County Legislature at full session where it is voted on by all 19 legislators. The public is invited to attend and observe all committee meetings. Public comment is welcomed at full sessions of the legislature.