1. Assessment Information

    Assessment Information

    The Land Records Viewer allows access to Assessment information including roll data, district information, tax maps, property photographs, past taxes, tax rates, exemptions with amounts and comparable sales.

  2. Assessment Review (AROW)

    Assessment Review (AROW)

    Our on-line appeal system lets you search for recent sales in your area to determine if your home is correctly valued and lets you file an application for correction of assessment if it is not.

  3. Bid Solicitation Board

    Bid Solicitation Board

    Those interested in doing business with Nassau County can use the bid board to locate the most recent Nassau County solicitations for business

  4. Contractor Lookup

    Contractor Lookup

    Use this service to find and check on the license status of prospective local contractors or vendors.

  5. Golf Reservations

    Golf Reservations

    Using this service, you can reserve a tee time at one of the three 18-hole golf courses in Eisenhower Park (Red, White and Blue) up to one week in advance of the date you wish to play.

  1. Parking Tickets & Nonappearance Traffic Tickets

    Parking Tickets & Nonappearance Traffic Tickets

    Use this convenient service to pay outstanding tickets that are returnable to the Nassau County (TPVA) Traffic Court.

  2. Vendor Login

    Vendor Login

    Vendors registered to do business with Nassau County can use this service to examine and bid on curent Nassau County solicitations for business.

  3. Vendor Registration

    Vendor Registration

    Nassau County provides a new and comprehensive registration system for our suppliers.

  4. Lobbyist Disclosure

    Lobbyist Disclosure

  5. Pay Delinquent Tax Payment

    Pay Delinquent Tax Payment