Traffic Management Center

Under the supervision of the public works commissioner, the TMC utilizes Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) equipment to manage traffic flow and improve the safety and efficiency of the motoring public by providing information regarding planned and unplanned incidents, roadwork, and other events. The County's Traffic Incident Management program implements coordinated on-street congestion mitigation techniques in order to alleviate delays and congestion during events that disrupt traffic flow.

Some of the equipment utilized includes portable traffic signals, portable VMS signs, portable traffic cameras, portable highway advisory radio trailers, and traffic incident management response trailers loaded with deployable traffic control equipment. The Operators at the TMC play a key role in managing the flow of information both in and out of the TMC. The TMC Operators follow incident management procedures to determine the severity level of incidents and the appropriate response.

The below is a live Twitter Feed maintained by the TMC to provide timely traffic updates.