1. Aquatic Center

    Visit the Aquatic Center.

  2. Campgrounds

    Find out about local campgrounds.

  3. Demographics

    Review demographic information.

  4. Designated Newspapers

    Contact the county's designated newspaper organizations.

  5. Districts of Nassau County

    Learn about your district in the county.

  6. Events

    View the county's calendar of events.

  7. Events & Schedules

    Participate in recreational activities.

  8. FAQs

    Obtain frequently requested information.

  9. Fitness Center

    Visit the county's Fitness Center.

  10. Golf Courses

    Play golf in Nassau.

  11. History of County

    Review the county's history.

  12. Holiday Closings

    Find out when the county offices are closed.

  13. Jobs

    Apply for current and upcoming employment opportunities.

  14. Kid Pix

    Helping to protect our children! For more information call 516-571-6000

  15. Local Laws

    Stay up to date on county ordinances.

  16. Mitchel Athletic Complex

    Visit the Mitchel Athletic Complex.

  17. Museums

    Visit local museums.

  1. My Nassau Info

    Check out the My Nassau portal.

  2. Nassau Stop Bullying

    Nassau County Anti-Bullying Initiative

  3. News

    Obtain local news here first.

  4. Office for the Aging

    Acquire services for the elderly.

  5. Overdose Prevention

  6. Parks & Facilities

    Rent or reserve local parks and recreational facilities.

  7. Photo Gallery

    View photos from around the county.

  8. Public Services

    Obtain public services.

  9. Rifle & Pistol Range

    Visit the rifle and pistol range.

  10. Road Closures

    Find out about street closures.

  11. Schools

    Learn about regional schools.

  12. Senior Recreation & Education

    Participate in senior activities.

  13. Social Services

    Learn about social services in the county.

  14. Staff Directory

    Contact county staff members.

  15. State of the County Address

    View the most recent State of the County Address.

  16. State, Federal & Local Resources

    Obtain resources locally, state-wide, and on a national level.

  17. Ask The County Assessor