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Address Search Tips:
For best results use only the Street Name. Do not use directional prefixes (Example: N. E. etc.) or street suffixes (Example: Avenue, Rd, Court, Lane, Street, etc.). You can also try entering only the first few letters of the street name (Example: "Ches" will return, Chestnut, Chester, Chess, etc.)

The Sales Locator provides adjusted sales prices for the selected sales. The results include a weighted average adjusted sale price.

These results are for informational purposes only. Any calculations made using comparable sales and pricing adjustments are subject to the individual input of users. These results are not an appraisal and are not the opinion of, nor a determination by, the Assessment Review Commission.

All Sales Locator reports are calculated utilizing a different methodology than that of PROGNOSE @ For instance, the Sales Locator compares a maximum of five sales per report while PROGNOSE reports can be based upon as many sales as are comparable to the subject property. Due to this and other methodological differences it is statistically improbable that both systems will yield the same result after a review of the same property.

The Assessment Review Commission is required to make an independent determination on any valuation appealed and will rely on the judgment of its professional valuation experts.

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