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9/11 Memorial Project

ADA Compliance
Accessing Government
Adoption and Foster Care
Agency Directory
Aging, Office for the (516) 227-8900
Alcohol Beverage Licensing
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
Applications, Licenses & Fees
Arts & Culture
Assessment Review Commission (516) 571-3214
Audits and Financial Reports

Bed Bug Task Force
Birth Certificates
Board of Elections (516) 571-2411
Breast Cancer
Budget Documents from Legislative and Budget Review
Budget-Office of Management and Budget (516) 571-4273
Building & Improving a House
Building, Construction & Zoning - Permits & Code Enforcement
Business Facts & Maps Home Page
Business Resources
Buying & Selling a Home

Chambers of Commerce
Changing Your Mailing Address
Children & Youth Services
Children's Advocacy & Support
City, Town & Village Gov'ts
Civil Service Commission (516) 572-1882
Colleges, Universities & Other Schools
Communicable Disease Control
Community College (516) 572-7500
Community Development, Office of (516)572-1915
Community Events
Constituent Affairs (516) 571-6000
Consumer Affairs (516) 571-2600
Consumer Protection
Contracts, Cities Towns & Villages
Contracts, Nassau County
Contracts, New York State
Coord. Agency for Spanish Americans (C.A.S.A.) (516) 572-0750
Corrections, Adult
Corrections, Juvenile
County Assessor's Office (516) 571-2311
County Attorney (516) 571-3056
County Clerk, Office of the (516) 571-2664
County Comptroller's Office (516) 571-2386
County Executive (516) 571-3131
County Legislature (516) 571-6200
County Services
County Tax Information
Courts & Justice
Courts & Legal Services
Credit Reports Office of Management & Budget
Crime Victims Program (516) 573-8207

Day Care
Deferred Compensation Board (516) 296-2010
Department of Health Childcare Programs Telephone Numbers Services
Department of Health Telephone Numbers
Disabled, Advocacy for the
Disaster Relief & Recovery
District Attorney's Office (516) 571-3800
Districting Advisory Commission
Doing Business
Domestic Crisis Services
Driver's License Update
Drug & Alcohol Addiction (516) 227-7007

Economic Development Office (516) 572-1915
Education Outreach
Elected Officials
Emergency Health Information
Emergency Health Information Bulletins
Emergency Management & Preparedness
Emergency Management (516) 573-0636
Emergency Response Volunteer Corps
Emergency Services
Emergency and Temporary Housing
Employee Training
Employment Assistance & Resources
Employment Assistance
Energy & Fuel Assistance, for Seniors
Energy & Utility Assistance
Energy Assistance
Entitlement Programs & Financial Assistance
Environmental Compliance Information
Environmental Health Programs
Environmental Permits
Events, City Town & Village
Events, Community Sponsored

Facts & Stats
Facts, Stats & Maps
Family Violence Task Force
Federal Executive Branch
Federal Government
Federal Judicial Branch
Federal Laws, Regulations & Codes
Federal Legislative Branch
Federal, State & Local Gov't
Feedback & Complaints
Film Commission (516)571-3168
Financial Plans & Reports
Financial Reports from the Comptroller
Fire Commission (516) 572-1000
Flammables, Combustibles & Fire Alarm Permits
Food Protection
Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)
Funding & Initiatives

Government Contracts
Guides to Strarting a Business

HIV-AIDS and STD Counseling Services
Health Department (516) 227-9697
Health Department Communicable Disease Control Program Numbers
Health Department--Important Numbers
Health Home Page
Health Promotion
Health Reports
Health Research & Reports
Healthy Nassau
Help for Employers
Housing - Section 8 & Homeless Intervention (516) 572-1900
Housing and Intergovernmental Affairs (516) 572-1915
Human Resources (516) 571-3072
Human Rights Commission (516) 571-3663
Human Services, Department of (516) 227-8911

Identity Theft
Information Technology (516) 571-4265
Insurance Regulation & Compliance
Investigations, Commissioner of (516) 571-3072

Jobs with Nassau County
Jobs with the Government

Kidpix Photo ID

Labor & Workplace
Labor Information
Labor Relations (516) 571-6053
Law & Justice
Law Enforcement--Federal
Law Enforcement--Nassau County
Law Enforcement
Laws, Regulations & Codes--Nassau County
Laws, Regulations & Codes
Laws, Regulations, & Codes
Legislative Budget Review, Office of (516) 571-6296
Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs (516) 571-4397
Legislature Maps
Leisure Passport
License & Credential Verification
License Verification
Limited Income Assistance Programs
Living Wage Law, Information (516)571-1752
Local Services for Seniors
Location for your Business
Low-Income Housing Authorities

Management and Budget, Office of (516) 571-4273
Marine Permits & Licenses
Mass Transit Information
Medicaid and Managed Care
Medical & Special Transportation
Medical Center (Nassau University Medical Center) (516) 572-0123
Medical Examiner (516) 572-6400
Medical Health Facilities
Medical, Nursing, Home Care & Long Term Care Services
Mental Health Services
Mental Health, Retardation, & Developmental Disabilities (516) 227-7057
Minority & Women-Owned Business Resources
Minority Affairs EEO AA
Minority Affairs, Office of (516) 571-6174
Minority Services
Moving to Nassau
Municipal Laws, Regulations & Codes
Museum Row

Nassau Community College (516) 572-7500
Nassau County Film Commission
Nassau County Government
Nassau County Housing Assistance
Neighboring County & City Governments
New York State Executive Branch
New York State Government
New York State Judicial Branch
New York State Law Enforcement
New York State Laws, Regulations & Codes
New York State Legislative Branch
News & Weather Advisories
Non-Discrimination in Housing
Nursing Homes

Outreach Services and Resources
Office of Community Development (516) 572-1915

Parks & Beaches
Parks, Recreation and Museums (516) 572-0200
Parks--Find by Name
Parks--State, Federal, and Local
People with Disabilities
Permits & Licenses
Permits for Business
Permits, Local
Physically Challenged, Office for The (516) 227-7399
Planning Commission (516) 571-5844
Planning Commission Reports
Planning Federation (516) 571-0399
Police Department (516) 573-7000
Policy and Communications (516) 571-6105
Press & Public Relations
Press Office (516) 571-4225
Probation Department (516) 571-5700
Product Recalls, Food Safety Notices & Consumer Alerts
Property Assessment - Appealing your Assessment
Property Assessment - Tax Forms, Applications & Affidavits
Property Assessment & Appeal
Property Assessment - Information
Property Assessment - Municipal
Property Assessment - Tax Assessment Review Forms
Property Assessment Review
Property Assessment
Property Owners
Property Tax Exemptions
Property Taxes-Assessment
Property Taxes
Public Administrator, Office of The (516) 571-5911
Public Security (516)572-0300
Public Works Department (516) 571-9600
Purchasing, Office of (516) 571-4200

Real Estate Planning and Development (516) 571-4207
Real Estate Plans
Real Estate Records
Recreation opportunities
Registration--New Empolyees
Regulation & Compliance
Roads & Traffic - Transportation Information
Roads & Traffic Construction Information
Roads & Traffic

Sanitation & Water Supply Information
Senior Employment Opportunites
Senior Health Services & Outreach
Senior Housing Housing Assistance
Services for Disabled Persons
Services for Seniors
Services, Information Accessing Government
Services, Information Doing Business
Services, Information Exploring Nassau
Services, Information Living & Working
Sex Offender Registry, New York State
Sheriff's Department (516) 571-2113
Social Services Department (516) 227-8519
Social Work & Therapeutic Counseling
S.P.C.A. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Special Permits - Dept. of Public Works

Sports & Rec
Sports Venues--Professional
Starting & Expanding a Business
Starting & Managing a Business
Studies, Reports & Plans

Task Force On Family Violence
Tax Exemptions for Disabled Persons
Tax Forms, Business--Federal
Tax Forms, Business-Municipal
Tax Information, County
Tax Lien Sale
Taxes, Federal
Taxes, Municipal
Taxes, State
Temporary Districting Advisory Comm.
Traffic Safety Board (516) 571-5032
Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (516) 572-2700
Transportation Resources
Transportation for Disabled Persons
Treasurer's Office (516) 571-2090

Veterans Employment Resources
Veterans Housing Assistance
Veterans Services & Facilities
Veterans Services (516) 572-8452
Victims Services, Crime & Crisis Prevention
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Services (516) 571-4481
Volunteerism & County Initiatives
Voter Registration Update
Voting & Elections

West Nile Virus
W.H.A.L.E. Program (516) 571-6000
Wireless Broadband Initiative for Long Island
Women’s and Childrens Health Services

Youth Board (516) 572-1384