Temporary Districting Advisory Commission 2022

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  • Francis X. Moroney, Chairperson
  • Peter Bee
  • John J. Reinhardt
  • Maureen Fitzgerald
  • Christopher Devane
  • Eric Malette
  • David Mejias
  • Jared Kasschau
  • Andrena Wyatt
  • James Magin, Jr.
  • Michael Pernick

Co-Executive Directors

  • Elisabetta Coschignano
    Ph: 516-571-1465
  • Rachel Whitmore
    Ph: 516-571-1342

Nassau County is in the midst of the redistricting process which is required to reapportion the 19 county legislative districts as a result of the decennial federal census. As per the County Charter, a Temporary Districting Advisory Commission (TDAC) has been established, consisting of eleven members, that were chosen as follows: the Chairperson, a non-voting member, appointed by the County Executive; five members appointed by the Presiding Officer; and five members appointed by the Minority Leader.

The purpose of the TDAC is to recommend one or more plans to the County Legislature for dividing the county’s 19 legislative districts for the election of county legislators. Once the maps are proposed, the public will have the opportunity to view the proposed maps and voice their recommendations.

The TDAC has held 12 public meetings in every City and Town throughout Nassau to ensure residents of every community had the opportunity to attend and participate in the hearings. At this point in the process the TDAC has recommend their proposed map(s) to the Legislature and now the Legislature will begin our process to review the proposed maps, including providing the public with an opportunity to be heard, before ultimately voting on and adopting a map.

To increase transparency to the redistricting process, the Legislature is bringing improved functionality to the website using modern technology, including links to videos of the TDAC hearings, and the option to submit public comment online or via email at NCRedistricting@nassaucountyny.gov, the ability to view submitted maps used for consideration, as well as census data.

Click here to view the TDAC Republican Commissioners Proposed Maps

Click here to view the TDAC Democrat Commissioners Proposed Maps

Click here to view the Current Legislative Map